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Imperium is a Latin course for the twenty-first century; unique, highly resourced and written to make fullest use of modern technology. Its texts follow the life of the Emperor Hadrian, from his early childhood to his later years, as he became the most powerful man in the Roman world.

Imperium is tried, tested and ready for general use, after a trialling period of six years. It consists of three course books, a Grammar and Syntax Guide, a puzzle book and a collection of Latin unseens for advanced users.

All of our Imperium Latin materials are published by J-PROGS. Our books can be ordered from Amazon but are also available as pdf files in our Site Support Packs, which can be bought by schools. Please browse this website to read more about the materials and their distribution.

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Why Imperium?

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Graded tests and certificates for Books 1, 2 and 3 available on the new Site Support Pack.


Imperium Latin Puzzles Book now on sale.


Free pdfs of Imperium Latin Books 1, 2 and 3 are available from TES Resources at this link.


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