Imperium Latin Zoom Classes for Adult Beginners (January 2023)

If you'd like a New Year's challenge of learning Latin or know someone else who would, this is for you. I'd love to assemble a small group of adults who may have missed out once but would like to try now. I have used Zoom quite a lot for teaching in the last few years and have seen that it provides an excellent opportunity for folks to attend a proper class without the hassle or expense of leaving home.


I am offering a 12 week course for beginners using my own Imperium Latin course, leading to a set of self-administered tests and a certificate of achievement at the end of Imperium Latin Book 1.

Participants should be eager to learn and willing to put themselves though an authentic learning experience. Studying Latin is fun and a sense of humour will help. No previous knowledge is required but an enquiring mind is a must.

Lessons will be via Zoom and will probably take place on Tuesday or Thursday afternoons, though this will have to be agreed by those wanting to sign up for classes. These will start in the second half of January if there are enough participants to make them viable. Each lesson will be about one hour long or perhaps a tiny bit more. Given that Zoom limits call time to 40 minutes, it's likely that each lesson will consist of two separate calls.

Costs and Materials

If we can assemble a class of 12 people (my preferred number) the course fee will be £60 per student, to include a set of mp3 files and the certificate at the end. If there are a couple more in the class the cost could go down; fewer than this and it could rise.

Materials required will include Book 1 of Imperium Latin, a set of practice tests and other resources, all of which can be obtained free of charge on this website as pdf files and printed out at home.

Further Information

Please delve around this website to read about the Imperium Latin course and in particular, how it can be used by self-learners. If you'd like to know about me, your possible guide through the Latin-learning maze, visit this link.


Please contact me by email on or before January 20th at